Learn multiple Slavic languages at once with NiceTranslator

Nicetranslator.com uses the Google Translate service to give instant response as you type and you can even choose multiple languages at once including Slovak, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, or Croatian. This could be useful for students of Slavonic languages in general but it also shows bits of sentences as you type them in. For instance, when you're typing in 'I remember', you see the appropriate Czech 'Vzpomínám si' and when you add 'you' to make it 'I remember you', the phrase changes to 'Pamatuju si tě' - again the right word for the context. Pretty impressive! But unfortunately, it's not reliable. Simple phrases like 'How do I get to the train station' are mistranslated (eventhough still intelligible to a Czech). So not perfect but a decent start.