Tips on introducing new technologies

This is an interesting list of tips for  disseminating technology in an institution. I find 4 and 5 particularly intriguing. Not doing a pilot seems so counterintuitive but given that so many pilots get so entrenched that their adoption is a given no matter what the results that skipping them in certain instances (and just doing a brief trial) may be the best solution. More creative gathering of feedback may include walking into classrooms and asking the students. Well-worth reviewing.

10 Tips for Injecting New Technology into Your Campus Here are ten tips for introducing a new tool or technology, based on successes that SDSU's IT services department has had.

Thesre the 10 points - more details in the full article:

1. Move quickly, before preferences are staked out
2. Make the selection process inclusive of students, faculty and staff
3. Do the product research
4. Save time by skipping the pilot if you can
5. Get creative to gather feedback
6. Take your input to the vendor
7. Remember integration issues
8. Keep the initial group of adopters small
9. Be ready to transition support when you reach a tipping point in adoption
10. Remember your goal