Values and statements about education - Opinion & Editorial: Education studies show: $$ wasted on them
Choice, competition and freedom are core values that define what we are about as a nation. The Bush administration proposal to appropriate $100 million in opportunity scholarships for poor kids in failing schools is a needed program. Let’s use our limited taxpayer dollars to enhance education freedom and not on superfluous research.

Very interesting statement of values, that hides a basic contradiction: in order to make these statements about educational research, the author needed educational research in the first place. And of course, freedom is best served by information - and we should not forget that the overheads on running freedom are very high.

There is also an interesting cognitive model (conceptual frame) that is invoked here, viz. education is a marketplace, educational system is a micro nation, freedom is an essential part of our nation, freedom in the marketplace means choice and competition, and therefore education only promotes freedom if one can make choices. This allows the author to get away with this argumentative shortcut quite legitimately - even though his syllogisms are implied, the underlying 'logic' is still indisputable. (Although, of course he is disasterously wrong, here.)