Research-generated assonant symmetries, equal gender rights and global sexual satisfaction

NPR : Global Sex Survey: Satisfied in the West
A groundbreaking international sex survey reveals that couples in Western countries are the most sexually satisfied, while countries in the East appear to be less satisfied.

The reporter commented that it is ironic, that in societies where men were the dominant gender, they also tended to be less sexually satisfied (he followed it by an idiotic comment about 'unless the mother is satisfied, no one is satisfied' but it was an interesting point nevertheless.) Of course, you could also say that people in societies where sexual well-being is most discussed tend to be more satisfied - but it could be an interesting selling point for men less gender-liberated countries. (Well probably not. Looking at this again, this is one of those research-generated assonant symmetries that have us in awe of the wonderous complexity of the world but probably hold no meaning other than the one we feel compelled to inject into them.)