IT skills and habits AFTER education

Here's an interesting study that shows that business practices are often not quite in sync with what students use at school (and quite likely not quite in sync with what companies say they want).

'Generation Facebook' finds skills wasted at work People who have left education in the past three years have strong confidence in their IT skills but the organisations they work for are not always making the most of this skill-set, according to database software company FileMaker, which commissioned the research.

This is something that may apply to educational institutions as much as to businesses and enterprises.

But he warned businesses are failing to make the most of this innate love of tech. "We've all got email and we've all got access to the internet and so we probably tend to think we're completely up to date. But what we've tended to do in many businesses is we've automated a paper process rather than necessarily look at the capability of the technology that you have and ask if there are even more efficient ways to use it," he said.