Think globally, interact locally

This is an interesting example of how an essentially global technology can influence profoundly local interactions.

Homegrown Software Boosts Classroom Interactivity at Community College

Brenner's FarSightNet software allows a professor to mark up PowerPoint slides or other material on a tablet computer in class during a lecture. The slides and notes are projected onto a large screen for students to view. The software saves the marked-up slides, with all handwritten notes captured as well, so that students can download them later. In that sense, the software isn't unlike other commercial collaboration products already available. Where FarSightNet differs from some products--although again, there are other commercial products in the field that offer this feature--is that it also allows interactive written responses from students in class, each of whom is equipped with a wireless tablet computer. FarSightNet allows the professor to "call" on a student to solve an equation, for example, and can project that response on the board for everyone to see.