Education and Teaching

Educational Theory

  • Designed and taught sessions on TEFL theory and methodology [Sample 1] [Sample 2] [Sample 3] [Sample 4]

  • Published popular articles in a Czech national daily's educational supplement [Outside link]

  • Was consulted on several occasion by journalist on issues of language education [Outside link]

  • Published an article on learning styles in a professional journal for teachers of foreign languages [Outside link]

  • Presented at conferences on subjects combining linguistics and education [Sample 1] [Sample 2] [Sample 3] [Sample 4]

  • Compiled a Portfolio Assessment Toolkit for Peace Corps Volunteers [Sample]

  • Compiled a Self-Directed Learning Workbook for Peace Corps Volunteers [Sample]

Educational Practice

Curriculum Design and Materials Development

  • Coordinated teams designing integrated curricula for intensive community-based pre-service trainings of Peace Corps Volunteers including: technical content, cultural integration, behavioral adjustment, problem-based learning approach and portfolio assessment. [Sample]

  • Designed - teaching Czech language and culture online.

  • Coordinated textbook development project of Runyankore for Peace Corps Uganda. Format used in materials development in Albania. [Sample 1] [Sample 2]

  • Co-authored and designed a communicative textbook of Czech as a second language and wrote an English-based grammar reference book now used at Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis []

  • Coordinated curriculum design for teacher training and supervised materials development for a TEFL Certificate course. [Sample]

  • Co-authored and designed a Language for Specific Purposes guidebook used by the Peace Corps. [Sample]

  • Developed an information sharing CD-ROM for the Peace Corps Eurasia region. Cooperated on the design of a Language Coordinator Resource Kit for the Peace Corps. [Sample]

Teaching Academic Subjects

Teacher Training

  • Designed and led a TEFL training program for Peace Corps Albania [Sample 1] [Sample 2]

  • Designed and facilitated teacher training sessions for a TEFL Certificate training course as well as at private language schools on topics ranging from the basics of the communicative method to testing. [Sample]

  • Facilitated training events for teacher trainers and program coordinators for Peace Corps in the Europe, Mediterranean and Central Asia region.

  • Conducted teacher training workshops for Peace Corps Czech Republic; prepared and co-facilitated teacher training projects at Peace Corps posts including Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Ukraine. [Sample 1] [Sample 2]

  • Conducted training sessions on use of computers for language materials development in Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine. [Sample 1] [Sample 2]

Inter-Cultural Training

  • Designed and facilitated cross-culture sessions for University of Pennsylvania semester in Prague program [Sample]

  • Designed materials for cultural adaptation training for Linguapool [Sample]

  • Took part in cross-cultural training sessions; conducted research on culture-specific work habits in the Czech Republic .

  • Organized conferences and conducted seminars in multilinguistic and multicultural settings.

ICT and Education

  • Designed and coordinated programming of a web-based language teaching and learning system (TuiT - Teaching using information Technologies) []

  • Administered an online interface for students at the University of Glasgow [].

  • Organized three video conference lessons for Czech students at the University of Glasgow

  • Compiled video introduction to Peace Corps Albania program for Peace Corps Volunteers [Sample]

Language Teaching

  • Taught Czech as a Second/Foreign Language in courses of all levels and intensities, including university setting. Since 1992 worked with over 400 students of Czech.

  • Taught several beginner to intermediate English as a Foreign Language courses. Worked with over 40 students.