The knowledge delusion: What changes and what stays the same

Classical Definition of Kno

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An interesting discussion took place between two prominent e-thinkers who both agree that the 'nature of knowledge' is changing but disagree on how and what the implications are. Stephen Downes summarises the notion of changing knowledge as follows.

Community Chest - 31 Oct - Black History Month wrap up

Dominik Lukes, Jasmin and Junior Johnson in discussion to wrap up of Black History Month. Dominik announces a monthly Black History Feature.

Community Chest - 31 Oct - Andrew Mavise on Child-Headed Households in Zimbabwe

Richard Mavise talks to Dominik Lukes, Jasmine and Junior Johnson about his research on child headed households in Zimbabwe. He also answers questions from two callers.

Community Chest 24 Oct - Sustainable Living Festival

Thordis Fridriksson and Dominik Lukeš talk to Liane Ward about the upcoming Sustainable Living Festival and the UEA Beacon project.

Community Chest 24 Oct - Clive Wilkins Jones talking about local history

Dominik Lukeš talks to Clive Wilkins Jones, community librarian, about his research into local history including Olaudah Equino. Clive also talks about the Norfolk Heritage Centre.

Community Chest - 3 Oct - Dominik Lukeš interviews Linda Bellos

Dominik Lukeš talking to Linda Bellos about Black History Month. You can also listen to Linda’s speech given at the BHM opening event in Norwich.

Scenarios behind technology and education debate

The Books Google Could Open

The nation's colleges and universities should support Google's controversial project to digitize great libraries and offer books online. It has the potential to do a lot of good for higher education in this country.

Values and statements about education - Opinion & Editorial: Education studies show: $$ wasted on them
Choice, competition and freedom are core values that define what we are about as a nation. The Bush administration proposal to appropriate $100 million in opportunity scholarships for poor kids in failing schools is a needed program. Let’s use our limited taxpayer dollars to enhance education freedom and not on superfluous research.

Rationality and immigration

English is Spoken Here - Yahoo! News
The second dumbest statement in the debate over Senate legislation establishing English as the national language came from Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.), who said it was needlessly divisive.

Wait. A law that unifies a country under a single language is divisive? What kind of logic is that?

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