No fair in Bulgarian: Universals of language and particulars of culture

A rather silly comment in the Christian Science Monitor about the consequences of the supposed lack of the word for 'integrity' in Bulgarian on the Bulgarian economy recently drew the ire of Mark Lieberman on the Language Log: 

Gendered discourse as a consequence of gendered socialisation

I've been planning to write a column or speak on the radio about this for a long time and I'm happy that Amanda Carpenter beat me to it. Her observation on fashion and make up being to women what sports are to men, is one of not insignificant sociological depth. What we talk about and consequently what we're interested in is a function of the group we talk about it with. And the discourse (and even the interest) has a dimension of group utility.

Gender models and types of evidence for them

MercuryNews.com | 07/31/2006 | Internet raises gender gap
This gender gap, which affects everything from the marketing of new technology to attracting more women for engineering careers, is elegantly illustrated in an academic study just published by a researcher from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.

Feminism as Islam

Feminismus jako islám
Muslimové mají obecně rádi feministky asi stejně jako feministky muslimy. Přesto je feminismus jako islám. ProÄ?? Protože:

a) islám je hlubokým a významným myšlenkovým hnutím s ustavenou, zajímavou tradicí.

b) islám je pestrý a mnohorozměrný, nabízí spoustu cest a směrů.

c) islám klade otázky, které nikdo jiný neklade, a bez něj by bylo naše myšlení chudší.

Research-generated assonant symmetries, equal gender rights and global sexual satisfaction

NPR : Global Sex Survey: Satisfied in the West
A groundbreaking international sex survey reveals that couples in Western countries are the most sexually satisfied, while countries in the East appear to be less satisfied.

Feminism and computer gaming

Wired News: How Lara Croft Steals Hearts
I think young boy gamers loved Lara for reasons that were considerably stranger. They weren't just ogling her: They were identifying with her. Playing the role of a hot, sexy woman in peril -- surrounded by violence on all sides -- was, unexpectedly, a totally electric experience for young guys.

Geena Davis and the importance of individual role-model narratives

CNN.com - Quotes from the Golden Globes - Jan 16, 2006
"As I was coming in, I felt a little tug at my skirt. And I looked, and there was a little girl maybe 8 or 10 in her first party dress, and she said, 'Because of you I want to be president someday.' And I just -- well, that didn't actually happen. Awwww, but it could have." Geena Davis, best actress in a TV drama for "Commander in Chief."

Wired News: Military Women Can Hack It

Wired News: Military Women Can Hack It
Female soldiers have long fought off perceptions that their bodies just aren't equipped to handle the rigors of training and warfare. But a decade's worth of research suggests that women are hardly as fragile as critics once thought.

Conceptualizing gender differences in behavior

ABC News: Male Domination of the Internet Is Over, Study Finds

The study says 68 percent of men and 66 percent of women now go online. Since women make up a larger portion of the population, that means they outnumber men in cyberspace.
Although a similar percentage of men and women use the Internet, the study found they often use it quite differently.

The research suggests men largely go online to pursue solitary pursuits, while women use the Internet to enrich their existing relationships.

New category: Feminism

I realized that I needed another category dealing with issues related to the position of women in society and cognition. I decided to call it feminism in protest against the frequent dilution of the concept by labeling it 'gender studies' or 'women's lib'. Now, I very much agree that to understand the way our brains and our society conceptualize and treat women it is important to study men. If only to avoid making assumptions about what is normal.

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